Top Forex Brokers 2014

Which is the best Forex broker? Choose and vote!

If you are starting your journey with the Forex foreign exchange than one of the most important steps is to choose the right broker. The number of active brokers is owerwhelming. The differences between them are from many angles like spread, maximal leverage, the scale of the minimal initial margin or the customer service in the native language but most of all the opinions they have. Our editorial staff has chosen the best brokers – well known all over the world brokers of the currency market. We have described all of them so that the future investors can find out more about each of them. Each of the broker company has been placed in a ranking and put as a subject of evaluation by our users. Each trader has the possibility of voting for their chosen platform. This is how the ranking of the best Forex brokers has been created. Thanks to this ranking the players of the currency market can easily find the best company for them in a short period of time.

Forex is the alternative way to invest money. The daily turnover on this market is 4-5 trillion dollars! To simplify it is all about the trade of the floating exchange rates. For more information go here and here. Thanks to the fluidity of this market we have the opportunity of a very fast earning, even after a few seconds after the purchase. Yet it is also a very delusive market, because we can also loose all of our funds. You have to be aware of the risk that comes from the foreign exchange market and to play only with the surplus of your funds and never with all of your fortune or savings.

There are a lot of determinants, which have a big influence on the currency rates, like the monetary policy of the countries, wars taking place all over the world, state of the economy, planned investments, etc. The more you know, the bigger the chance of the right transaction. Most of the brokers presented here, give a lot of educational materials accessible for everyone. You can find videos, tutorials, webinars, ebooks, calculators and others available free of charge.

One of the first steps of the investment on Forex is to choose the right broker. In order to do so we have prepared this ranking. Please use it and vote for your favourite broker!

  1. Available round the clock from Monday to Friday. Thanks to the different time zones all over the world and the adjusted hours in which the worldwide markets are working, we have the access to the Forex market round the clock from Monday to Friday.
  2. Demo accounts. You have the possibility of checking your abilities and strategy on the demo accounts by using the virtual money.
  3. Earning both on the increase and decrease. In Forex you have the possibility of predicting the decrease and increase of the exchange and earning thanks to both of these values.
  4. Low own contribution. The value of the minimal deposits at most of the brokers is from 10 to 100 dollars, but there are also brokers, which do not have a minimal level of the deposits.
  5. Attractive bonuses. Most of the brokers have special offers with the first payment by giving you some bonus money to play with on the currency market, thanks to which our budget increases.
  6. The presence of the finance leverage. Thanks to the leverage you have the possibility of investing more money than you actually have.
  7. The possibility of trading other goods. Apart from currency you also have the possibility of investing in gold, oil and other natural resources and goods.
  8. Educational materials. You can find a lot of materials concerning exchange trade on the Internet. Forex brokers are very keen on sharing materials, which increase the knowledge of their clients.

About the ranking

A lot of people, who start they investment journey, seek the proper platform to invest on the Forex market. The popularity of this market all over the world was the reason for the creation of a lot of brokers. In order to make the choice of the best broker easier for beginners, we have prepared the ranking above. All of the companies in the ranking are credible and give service to a lot of satisfied customers. Everyone has the possibility of giving their own opinion by voting for their favourite broker by clicking ‘+‘ by the logo of their chosen broker. Vote and help us to improve the brokers ratings. This way you will take part in developing the financial trade and make it easier for beginners to choose the right platform. You will find only the best Forex brokers and worth recommendation.

How to choose a Forex broker?

Forex market, which used to be reserved for big companies and institutions, is now available for a regular person. The market is open almost 24/7 and to start investing you need quite a small budget, Internet access and knowledge about finance. See the infographic to find out more about Forex.

There is a lot of broker companies, which differ with a trade model, having licence, trade platform, bonuses with the first deposit and leverage. It is worth to spend some time on getting to know the offers of different companies in order to choose the right broker. If you are hesitating between Forex brokers the right clue is to check the opinions of the clients the companies already have. In order to make the choice easier we have placed well known and recommended companies in our ranking. New and experienced traders have a big influence on the results of the ranking. When you decide to choose the broker it is always good to test its software by using the demo account.

In order to make the choice even easier, we have placed information about the current promotions each broker offers.

While registering an account at each platform remember to read the regulations. Investing on Forex market is very risky, and that is why the decision about investing should be made with the awareness of the risk.