What Forex is?

Forex, FX (ang. Foreign Exchange) – is the biggest currency market in the world. Its daily turnover is around 4-5 trillion dollars. Forex used to be available only for big players, banks, corporations and institutions is now available for almost anyone.

The advantages of trading at Forex is a big fluency, relative low initial budget, easy access to tools. This market is open round the clock from Monday to Friday. Trading can take place from any part of the world, if there is Internet access. The necessary tools are given to you by the mediator, which is the broker. The most traded currency is US dollar, euro, yen and British pound. This market is extremely fluent – you can buy or sell any amount of chosen currency. It is also possible to trade resources like oil or gold.

Did you know that the daily turnover of FX is 40 times bigger than the GDP of Poland throughout the whole year?  You can find more interesting facts on the infographic about Forex.

The objective of a trader is of course the income from the trade of the currency or resources. Currency exchange change very quickly and the investor can earn by both their uplift and decrease. The currency exchange depends on the state of economies in the world, the countries policy, the relation between the countries or the international goods exchange. Brokers are keen on organizing webinars and trainings and supply materials, which are supposed to help traders to gain knowledge.

If you are wondering about starting your adventure with Forex it is worth to get to know its basics, different systems and strategies. Observe the price of the currency, analyse the charts and data. You can find the common Questions and Answers on our website.

Are you wondering which platform to choose? Which broker is the best one? Our website has been created in order to help you make the right decision. All of the brokers in the ranking are checked, reliable and well known brands, which have positive opinions from their clients. Each trader can vote for their favourite broker. On the main page of the brokers ranking  you will also find the current promotions and bonuses on the Forex market.