What Zulu Trade is?

ZuluTrade is a trade platform started in 2007 by Leon Yohai, a Greek businessman, a well-known creator of website fleamarket.com and market.gr. In 2012 the ZuluTrade platform was connected with 64 different broker companies and its transactions were up to 300 billion dollars.



The innovation of this platform is about connecting precious information from the finance market with the realization on the Forex market. Professional investors from all over the world provide signals, which can be realized right away. The interested sides can invest on the account of any broker. Another advantage of ZuluTrade is the fact that the investors can share their experience and knowledge worldwide, having the possibility of connecting with any platform. These investors get commission when their knowledge is used with a real transaction.



The signal can be given by anyone. It sounds a bit strange but the owners of the platform claim that there is no possibility that in the ZuluTrade system someone can misinterpret the generated signals. If there is an increase or a decrease presented, than the result is accurate, because the information is confirmed by the broker’s experience. But one question rises – why doesn’t the signal giver with the efficacy of 90%, invest in it and earn money himself, but sells the recommendation for a low percentage of the income? The answer is simple – it is better to take a small percentage for advising than to risk your own money. However ZuluTrade is the one paying the money for the shared signal. The signal givers invest on their account and their transactions go to the receivers automatically as signals. Which means that they receive more money for the same workload.



If you are a total beginner you can choose from many different brokers to start your account at. The most popular ZuluTrade broker is AAAFx. This company will give advice on when and which position to open and close for a set of currency. The advice and analysis are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can also use the special iPhone or iPad application, which helps to have even better control over your account.



Many beginners looking at the ZuluTrade website will pay attention to the promise of an incredibly high possible income, which will allow to buy a high class car within a week by investing just a few thousand dollars. However the online Forex forums you can find a lot of negative opinions, which verify the level of services offered by ZuluTrade. A lot of clients, who invested a lot of their money by this company, lost everything. But there are also those, who win a lot of money on a regular basics. Everything depends on us: our knowledge, skills, feeling and trust towards other people.



Looking at the size of the financial market, its fluency and the unpredictability that comes with it, you should rather rely on your own knowledge and experience, than on the advice of sometimes not verified consultants. But ZuluTrade might be for  some people an interesting way of aggressive trading. Beginners should first get knowledge about the technical and fundamental analysis, gain experience on demo accounts and carefully start a real game.

You should be extremely careful when someone offers you a big income in a short period of time.

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Recommended broker – AAAFx


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