A few words about the ranking

If you are starting your journey with the Forex foreign exchange than one of the most important steps is to choose the right broker. The number of active brokers is owerwhelming. The differences between them are from many angles like spread, maximal leverage, the scale of the minimal initial margin or the customer service in the native language but most of all the opinions they have. Our editorial staff has chosen the best brokers – well known all over the world brokers of the currency market. We have described all of them so that the future investors can find out more about each of them. Each of the broker company has been placed in a ranking and put as a subject of evaluation by our users. Each trader has the possibility of voting for their chosen platform. This is how the ranking of the best Forex brokers has been created. Thanks to this ranking the players of the currency market can easily find the best company for them in a short period of time.