About Forex

Forex is the alternative way to invest money. The daily turnover on this market is 4-5 trillion dollars! To simplify it is all about the trade of the floating exchange rates. For more information go here and here. Thanks to the fluidity of this market we have the opportunity of a very fast earning, even after a few seconds after the purchase. Yet it is also a very delusive market, because we can also loose all of our funds. You have to be aware of the risk that comes from the foreign exchange market and to play only with the surplus of your funds and never with all of your fortune or savings.

There are a lot of determinants, which have a big influence on the currency rates, like the monetary policy of the countries, wars taking place all over the world, state of the economy, planned investments, etc. The more you know, the bigger the chance of the right transaction. Most of the brokers presented here, give a lot of educational materials accessible for everyone. You can find videos, tutorials, webinars, ebooks, calculators and others available free of charge.

One of the first steps of the investment on Forex is to choose the right broker. In order to do so we have prepared this ranking. Please use it and vote for your favourite broker!