The adventages of Forex

  1. Available round the clock from Monday to Friday. Thanks to the different time zones all over the world and the adjusted hours in which the worldwide markets are working, we have the access to the Forex market round the clock from Monday to Friday.
  2. Demo accounts. You have the possibility of checking your abilities and strategy on the demo accounts by using the virtual money.
  3. Earning both on the increase and decrease. In Forex you have the possibility of predicting the decrease and increase of the exchange and earning thanks to both of these values.
  4. Low own contribution. The value of the minimal deposits at most of the brokers is from 10 to 100 dollars, but there are also brokers, which do not have a minimal level of the deposits.
  5. Attractive bonuses. Most of the brokers have special offers with the first payment by giving you some bonus money to play with on the currency market, thanks to which our budget increases.
  6. The presence of the finance leverage. Thanks to the leverage you have the possibility of investing more money than you actually have.
  7. The possibility of trading other goods. Apart from currency you also have the possibility of investing in gold, oil and other natural resources and goods.
  8. Educational materials. You can find a lot of materials concerning exchange trade on the Internet. Forex brokers are very keen on sharing materials, which increase the knowledge of their clients.